Pool Maintenance

Pool Services

How often should you have your pool cleaned and maintained? Once every week is ideal. Two and three times a week service is usually overboard. A swimming pool does not require that kind attention IF it is done CORRECTLY. Chemicals should be balanced once a week. If a pool company says they have to come multiple times a week to keep the chemicals in balance, then they are NOT keeping them in balance.

However, on the flip side of things, a pool should not have any less than once a week service, unless the swimming pool owner is planning on having an active role in keeping the pool cleaned throughout the month.

Coastline Pools likes to make sure and see potential problems with your swimming pool water before something goes wrong. For instance if we come to your swimming pool and your pool water does not look as pristine as it normally does, we do not wait for it get worse to diagnose the problem. We notify you that you may need a sand change, or there could be foreign materials that have entered the pool water and might possibly cause a problem. We will contact you and go over in detail more information regarding your swimming pool’s history. When was your last sand change, did you have your yard sprayed for pests, or did you have fertilizer added to your lawn? All of these questions are necessary in correctly diagnosing the problem.

We want to find the cause of a potential problem, not put a bandage on it by just dumping tons of chlorine into your pool. There are dangers to this. Please read our Pool Service Benefits page for more information on this.

The point of all of this is that when you chose Coastline Pools for your pool service company, you are always informed of everything concerning the condition of your swimming pool.