Pool Cleaning in Florida

Pool-Cleaning-in-Florida[1]Just another day in paradise, I say to myself, as I head to my first pool cleaning of the day. I drive past the Gulf of Mexico and the beautiful, crystal clear emerald water just stares back at me. I see salt and pepper seagulls tiptoe across the sugar sand. Suddenly, a pair of pelicans splash into the water in search of their next meal. I sing along to Jimmy Buffet as I cruise on down the road. I then notice two surfers out with their boards trying to catch that perfect wave. “Wow, they are starting really early today,” I say out loud. I smile and think I’m so glad I’m not dealing with snow like so much of the country has had to do. I am so glad we live here on the coast, the best place on earth. I arrive at my first job and open my door to get out. A sharp, stinging blast then hits me, like a knife in the face. “Burrrr,” I say as I head to the back of my truck to gather my cleaning equipment. I hear a tinking sound, so I squint and listen carefully. I see tiny white pellets hitting my black bed liner and bouncing off like they are being played in a game of kickball. “What is that?” I ask. “Is that…it is, it’s sleet! I thought I left all that behind.” The cold keeps bearing down on me like it has arms around my neck. I quickly realize that I don’t have on enough to wear. My hands start to go numb and take on the appearance of red balloons. As I feel freezing rain pelt my frozen face, I continue to clean. I then say out loud, somewhat concerned, “please hurry up FLORIDA and bring on spring!”

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