At Coastline Pools we are constantly striving to stay on the leading edge of technology and training when it comes to fighting stains. Pool staining is a real issue and can be caused by many different factors. Swimming pool stains on the wall or floor of a swimming pool can be caused by metals in the pool water, or by an organic material left in the pool. The best clue to the source of the problem is the color of the pool stain.

This problem is why we at Coastline Pools have attended the Jack’s Magic Certified Stain Specialist™ (CSS) Program.

  • Provides pool professionals with an additional area of specialization in all thingspertaining to the identification, prevention, and removal of swimming pool stains and discoloration.
  • Gives you confidence in recommending proven products and methods known to best identify, prevent and remove swimming pool stains and discoloration.
  • Is available to all pool professionals (dealer, service, builder, plasterer)
  • Has been developed by Jack’s Magic, the leader in stain prevention and removal.
  • Allows you to keep your customers’ pool water sparkling clear with no stains on the pool vessel itself; these are (2) of the most important attributes your customers use to define the “well being” of their pools.
  • Increases your value to your customers as a pool professional.
  • Distinguishes you and your business within the markets you serve.
  • Raises levels of customer satisfaction.

Jack’s Magic Products, Inc., the pool and spa industry’s leader in identifying, preventing and removing stains and discoloration, has built a reputation for innovative quality products and programs that deliver results. By treating stain issues with the pool water left in the pool, it is estimated that The Jack’s Magic Certified Stain Specialist Program™ saves over 200 million gallons of pool water annually that would otherwise be lost if a pool was drained and acid washed. Jack’s Magic is one of the most widely known and respected brands, and is marketed and distributed nationally and internationally. Committed to the highest levels of customer satisfaction, Jack’s Magic supports its brand, products, programs, and customers through training, education, and support.